Leak Detection

Leak Detection in Long Beach 

Leaks are among the most common plumbing issues that homeowners experience. They are also one of the most damaging. As water continues to flow in areas of your home that it’s not supposed to, the resulting damage can be quite extensive. Leaks are not only hard to detect, but they are also difficult to find. Unless the leak is coming from one of the few pipes in your home that you can see, you’ll likely not know where it originates. 

This is where GM Plumbing Corporation comes in. Our Long Beach leak detection experts have the necessary equipment to precisely locate the source of the leak and determine the best method of repair. If you suspect a hidden leak on your property, rely on our plumbers to find out where it’s coming from and advise you on the right path forward. 

Don’t wait another minute to find the leak on your property. Call our talented plumbers at (562) 526-0214 for fast and accurate leak detection services. 

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How Plumbers Detect Leaks 

A licensed plumber might utilize one or more methods to find your leak, including:

  • Camera inspection – A camera is attached to a long fiber optic cable and fed through the piping system in search of a problem within the pipe. Once the source of the leak is identified, the plumber can pinpoint the location through GPS tracking.
  • Acoustic listening device – One of the most basic tools used by plumbers to locate leaks are ground microphones and listening discs. Through the use of sound technology, the plumber can hear the sound of dripping or escaping water, even through a layer of concrete.
  • Heat scanner – Some areas are too noisy or too deep for acoustic listening devices. In this situation, a plumber can use a scanner that detects changes in temperature. Since any escaping water has a different temperature than the surrounding area, it shows up on the scanner.

How to Know if You Have a Pipe Leak

Pipe leaks aren’t always apparent. If you notice a spike in your water bill, but haven’t increased your water usage, you might have a leaky pipe. Another sign is the sound of running water when no faucets or appliances are in use. To test if you have a water leak, turn off all taps and appliances and note the numbers on your water meter. Return 2 hours later to check the meter again. If the numbers have advanced, you likely have a leak. 

If you think you have a leak in your plumbing system, get in touch with our plumbers for rapid leak detection services in Long Beach. 

Locating Hidden Leaks in Homes throughout LA, Orange, & Riverside County

Leak detection is one of those projects that homeowners can rarely perform on their own unless the leaky pipe is easily visible. Precisely locating a leak involves the use of specialized equipment by trained professionals. 

Call GM Plumbing Corporation at (562) 526-0214 or contact us online to get a leak detection specialist on the way to your home. 

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